Welcome to Notre Ferme

/Nɔtʀ Fɛʀm/

April 16, 2021

Notre Ferme, which means Our Farmhouse in French, is inspired by the simplicity of a centuries-old family home. It’s humble and beautiful all at once, surrounded by orchards and open fields in the middle of the French countryside. The air is fresh, clean, and full of possibility. These calm, breezy elements make the farmhouse feel like an extension of the natural world. Inside the airy kitchen sits a large oak table. It’s passed down through many generations, but it’s a solid, sturdy piece, clearly built by a masterful woodworker. Though the house is now full of modern twists and bespoke accents, its roots remain steeped in tradition. In the local community, farmers, fishermen, and foragers sell their fresh products at the market—bringing joy, abundance, and well-loved ingredients to their local community.

This is the world we’re striving to create with Notre Ferme. Our goal is to nourish people with fresh, local, and honest food, so we source from local farms and vendors. Everything we do ties back to the mission at the core of our business: bringing good to the busy, hard working people of Sacramento. We hope to cultivate a community that celebrates real ingredients and nourishing prepared meals and produce boxes.